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Engineered Floors

Engineered Flooring
Panorama Custom Woodworking is proud to be a distributor for Hakwood Flooring Products. Hakwood is known worldwide for it’s manufacturing of engineered flooring at a consistent high quality which customers use with confidence. The flooring has the appearance and properties of a solid board, and at the same time the stability of a quality engineered product. The variety in species, grades, and finishes in combination with radiant heat and cooling enable us to provide flooring for a wide spectrum of project requirements.
For more information and products available please visit our showroom or view their website at www.hakwood.com.

Hardwood Floors

Fir Flooring
With having the state of the art moulder on site Panorama Custom Woodworking is able to run any flooring, from standard woods to exotic. The ability to produce long lengths and narrow to wide widths of your choice is the luxury we provide. The end product is machined to a floor finishers dream due to the exceptionally smooth surface and square edge, saving hours of labour from sanding.